Players are thrilled with Nidalee’s new look in LoR. Should she get a model update in LoL?

Developers have unveiled a new look for Nidalee. It’s not all about League of Legends, however.

The card game from Riot Games – Legends of Runeterra – is known for its many beautiful graphics, which often show well-known characters in a new look. Developers have the opportunity to refine certain elements of the characters’ outfits or redesign them in general. Hence, the champions from the cards look much fresher than some outdated graphics from League of Legends.

This is especially true for LoL champions that premiered many years ago and at the same time have not received a graphic update recently. Among them is Nidalee.

What does she look like in LoR?

Nidalee in Legends of Runeterra

As mentioned above, LoR is constantly being updated with new, polished graphics that not only refresh the characters familiar from Summoner’s Rift but show them in various scenes, often expanding their basic lore.

Recently, portraits of Nidalee, who will join the card game, hit the web. Players were quick to point out that the character looks different than in League of Legends. What’s more – the main graphic shows her in the company of Neeko, who is known to be in love with her companion.

Nidalee, who appeared in LoL on December 17, 2009, has long stirred up a lot of controversy and dissatisfaction on the part of fans, because, according to them, the current model of the heroine does not reflect the majesty of the huntress, who inspires awe and fear in her enemies.

It’s worth going to the new graphic, which was published on the card game’s social media profiles.

Warto przejść do nowej grafiki, która została opublikowana na profilach społecznościowych karcianki.

Human form:

Cougar form:

Appearance in League of Legends:

The difference is huge, and one could even say that if it weren’t for Neeko sitting in front of the heroine, one could conclude that the picture doesn’t depict Nidalee, but another character associated with this area of Runeterra.

Should the new look be introduced into League of Legends? Fans certainly agree that the described heroine deserves any visual rework.