LoL patch 13.13 – Who will get nerfs and who will get buffs? We know Riot’s plans for the next update

League of Legends developers have revealed plans for the next update – patch 13.13.

The time has come to reveal plans for the next update from LoL, namely patch 13.13. As always, a general spread was published at the beginning, which informs what heroes and items will receive changes.

One of the staff members – Riot Phroxzon’s Matt Leung-Harrison – has published a spread of the upcoming update. What does the published list look like? Who exactly will get nerfs and who will get buffs?

Buffs and nerfs in patch 13.13

The vast majority of the patch’s items include weakenings whether of heroes or items. However, a few buffs can be found there.

As Rioter himself admitted – patch 13.13 accounts primarily for the stabilization of the meta.

Champions’ buffs

  • Lee Sin,
  • Nidalee.

Champions’ nerfs

  • Annie,
  • Aphelios,
  • Ivern,
  • Kindred,
  • Neeko,
  • Rek’Sai,
  • Varus (AP),
  • Vi,
  • Wukong.

Champion’s changes

  • Rell (nerfs on support and buffs in jungle)

Systems’ changes

  • Ghost,
  • Statikk Shiv.

Systems’ changes

  • Essence Reaver,
  • Stormrazor,
  • Katarina and Samira’s interaction with Duskblade of Draktharr.

In a further statement, Rioter revealed a little of the developers’ future plans.

For 13.14 in the future, we are looking at role power through item choice structure and power curves for AD mythics (IE weak, Gale strong, Tri Force ADC +Top)

AD’s are spiking too hard on 1 item generally & scaling through kits. This is disrupting other role power curves too

We’re looking to address these role considerations through a combination of item and champion changes (to top lane in particular).

Other things we’re aiming for 13.14 are K’Sante anti-pro skew work (might slip though), some excitement work for Xerath, Zyra