Perkz unable to move to Fnatic because of G2? Riot answers what it really looks like

Why is Perkz’s transfer to Fnatic so complicated? Riot responds to the whole thing.

Some time ago you could find out that Perkz – a player who left the G2 Esports team and moved to Cloud9 just a year ago, plans to return to Europe (The reason why Perkz after a year does not want to play for Cloud9 anymore and is planning his departure).

The team that was supposed to accept the player is Fnatic, but as it turns out, this transfer will not be possible. The 2020 player sale contract includes a clause that does not allow the player to get to Fnatic. The management of the UK-based organization went to Riot Games to complain. What is the response from the developers of the game?

Riot refers to Perkz’s transfer

Even though the transfer deal was approved, Riot Games’ Global Esports Operations director Tom Martell said the transfer restriction would not be maintained. In addition, the company will not allow similar non-competition clauses in future deals.

Ultimately, Riot does not prohibit a transfer despite its clause. If Perkz decides to move to Fnatic anyway, it’s a matter to be resolved between the player and the two previous teams he was involved with – G2 Esports and Cloud9.

The League of Legends Championship Series players association (LCSPA) has opened its own investigation into the G2 deal with Cloud9.

The LCSPA is independently investigating the circumstances of this report and will fight any agreements that illegally or unethically restrict player movement or alter the bargaining power of players.

LCSPA was created to protect players from any attempt to limit their rights, possibilities or ability to compete in various matters.