After the huge success of Arcane, Riot plans to release more productions of this type

What is there to learn about the other games Riot is working on?

League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world and in many respects it marks the paths that other game developers follow. So far, productions based on stories known from computer games have been created, but Riot was the first to gain so many positive reviews.

Arcane turned out to be a huge success. The show is ranked number one in more than 30 different countries that had access to it on the day of the premiere of the first three episodes. Riot is extremely pleased with this result and is already announcing that more series are planned to be released.

Interview with Riot’s president of entertainment

Almost every character in League of Legends has a story that deserves to be explored in the same way as Vi, Jinx, or any of the heroes who have starred in Arcane so far.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Shauna Spenley, Riot’s president of entertainment, said that the League of Legends universe would grow significantly in the next few years, with “more to come” on screens large and small.

I think we have a huge opportunity to build amazing organic stories inside this world and for it to quietly build and become the IP that defines a generation. We’ll be here a while: it’s going to take a little time.

This could mean more Arcane seasons, but it also promises to be closer to other League characters. The creators plan to broaden their horizons to more animated series or even live-action films.

Players are looking for elements they can identify with. We’re trying to figure out how to recreate that as we step into live-action and other stories.

In addition to the fact that Shauna confirmed that Riot Games is working on the next film productions, she also said a very important sentence regarding the overall outline of their creation.

I’ve been told we want to be ‘black licorice’. It’s okay if we’re not for everyone. We get to focus on and understand players better, and the stories that will really resonate.

This means that the League Cinematic Universe won’t be concerned about everyone’s satisfaction. League’s fandom is eager to hear any Runeterra stories and studio co-founder Marc Merrill is aware of that. He told his teams to “focus on the millions of people playing the game.”