The reason why Perkz after a year does not want to play for Cloud9 anymore and is planning his departure

It turns out that Perkz has completely different plans than it might seem.

According to the latest information, Perkz informed his teammates and the organization itself a few days ago that he no longer wants to play for Cloud9. Despite the fact that his contract is valid until 2023, he is planning his departure next year.

Unofficially, Perkz is earning about $ 2 million a year at the moment, it is worth mentioning that the contract with Cloud9 was signed only a year ago, specifically in November 2020.

Why does Perkz want to leave?

The reason Perkz chose to leave was for family reasons, unrelated to LoL itself. This issue has not been developed, but it is not difficult to guess that the death of the player’s father and the lack of smooth travel from the USA due to the ongoing global situation had a big impact on this decision.

Dotesports reports that Perkz wants to build a team himself and join some other organization that will help him pay for his plans. So far, it is not known if anyone will be interested in this vision.


Of course, it is said on the web that Perkz will return to Europe and it is here that he will want to build something new, but so far it has not been confirmed. The player himself also did not comment on the reports of his possible return.