A new song from Imagine Dragons for the League of Legends series – Arcane

A music video for the newest song related to Arcane has been released. Will it be another hit?

Today, the song and music video related to the animated series from the League of Legends universe premiered. Arcane has been widely talked about recently because you can see that the creators put a lot of effort into the new production. The series tells the fate of the heroes of LoL, including Vi, Jinx, and Caitlyn. The action takes place in Piltover and its suburb – Zaun.

A few days ago, it was announced that a song by Imagine Dragons, a band that is well known to League of Legends fans, will be created especially for the series. The American band created the cult song Warriors, which was a World Cup song, and then appeared as a cover in the 2020 season video. How did the latest song from the aforementioned music group come out?

Imagine Dragons x J.I.D – Enemy

The music video for the song Enemy appeared on the band’s official YouTube channel. The title and the fact that the music video will be in the climate of the series were announced a few days ago. In it you can see characters known from League of Legends, as well as team members in the animated version.

The song Enemy was created in collaboration with the American rapper and singer – J.I.D.