One of the LoL players has created a skin inspired by Tyler1, the popular Twitch streamer

A fan skin for LoL was created, which refers to the well-known streamer.

Tyler1 is a person who doesn’t really need to be introduced. Most LoL players know him at least a little bit, mostly because of his personality. It must be admitted that this American streamer is really distinctive and it’s hard to imitate his temperament.

One player thought it would be a good idea to create a skin that resembles Tyler. So he chose a hero – Dr. Mundo – and created a masterpiece that you can admire below.

Fan Skin inspired by Tyler1

The author of the idea is a player with the nickname A wild Udyr. The creator of the skin decided to design it so that it would refer to the aforementioned streamer as much as possible. Dr. Mundo has various accessories with characteristic graphics, such as the Twitch logo, and is wearing a T-shirt with the word “Winnable” associated with Tyler1.

The player not only created a model of the hero but also recorded a short presentation with Dr. Mundo in action. What’s more interesting – the skin referring to Tyler1 can be downloaded and tested by yourself.


Commenting video admitted that they would love the streamer to play this skin on one of his broadcasts.

Duuuude wanna see tyler playing with this skin so baaaad. Hyped for his reaction xD Amazing custom skin

Currently, Tyler1 has 4.7 million followers on Twitch. This puts this iconic League of Legends player at the top of the most popular streamers. He will turn 27 on March 7.

Even though he has been known for his toxicity and aggressive reactions over the years, Tyler still has his devoted fans who love watching his broadcasts.