The skins in LoL are so bad that Riot gave up on them. Only older players will remember these slip-ups

Did you know that once LoL was supposed to have two nice skins that turned out to be a complete flop?

There have been quite a lot of unrealized projects in the history of LoL. The idea for skins for Amumu and Blitzcrank finally came to fruition and were put on the test server. After some time, developers decided that they did not meet expectations.

As a result, these skins never came back. Riot, in theory, was only supposed to improve them, maybe modify them. Finally, they were simply removed and the project was thrown into the trash.

Which skins were so bad?

In 2017, Riot unveiled skins for Amumu and Blitzcrank from the “Sewn Chaos” series. Today there is very little information left after this project. However, these are unique skins in a way.

Typically, Riot removes skins early in development. Here the skins were ready and just had to be transferred from PBE to live. However, the developers have released an announcement (which is no longer available because it appears on the removed forum).

The developers heard the community’s feedback and decided to cancel the skins. Was it a good decision? Both videos of these skins show a very positive like to dislike ratio.



So it probably wasn’t as bad as the developers suspected. In any case, these skins are considered to be one of the ugliest and are therefore forever in the history of LoL.