LoL players would like to see such a feature in champion selection window. Should Riot add it?

Fans have suggested to the developers an interesting solution that could appear in champion select.

League of Legends players over the years have proposed many interesting changes that would not only improve the experience of the game itself, but also the selection of heroes and everything that happens before the actual gameplay.

Recently, the community came up with another idea that could be implemented in LoL even now. According to fans, something like this would help people who often can’t decide which skin to play or are tired of scrolling through a long list of skins on certain characters.

New features in champion select

Some League of Legends champions now have more than a dozen different skins each. The best example is Ahri, Miss Fortune, Ezreal, and Lux, whose collection of cosmetic additions is really huge. Fans of these champions often can’t decide which skin to play with. A certain feature could help with this.

A post appeared on Reddit suggesting that Riot could add two new features to champion select. The first would allow you to select a random skin, from those you own.

This would help anyone who has a sizable collection and can’t decide which cosmetic accessory to just pick.

The second idea involves hiding skins you don’t own so that those skins don’t get in the way when browsing through your collection just before you start playing. According to fans, skipping through the long list of skins for Lux, Ezreal or Miss Fortune can sometimes be frustrating. Adding a button that would hide inaccessible items would make it easier to view the collection and select a specific skin.

The community believes that such features make a lot of sense, since currently quite a few champions have more than 10 skins, and soon some will even reach 20. According to players, adding such a solution would not be particularly difficult on the part of Riot, and would certainly please many LoL fans.