Yuumi mains protest after they started losing en masse in LoL. Patch 13.1b destroyed the character

Yuumi is an unplayable character. Her mains know this and are protesting.

The controversy surrounding Magic Cat is not going away. If she’s too strong, other players complain, but if she’s too weak, that’s not so good either. Especially when she’s on their team.

As the new year began, Yuumi’s win rate slowly declined until the 13.1b update. It was in this update that huge nerfs hit, which eventually killed the character. Her mains decided to launch a protest and refuse to switch to other champions.

“We will play her and watch Netflix”.

Professional gameplay overly influences what happens in the ranked queues. Although there are only a handful of professionals, Riot Games is eager to customize characters just for them. A good and timeless example here is Ryze and now Yuumi.

The 13.1b update in League of Legends carried out an “anti-cat event,” and according to a member of the balance team, Phreak, it was aimed specifically at professionals. The results? Yuumi’s win rate dropped, but it didn’t land on four paws and stopped at 40%.

Such a state of affairs is not accepted by her mains and, in cat-like fashion, they decided to start a protest. They continue to play with her and thus troll other games, but they have fun and do something in the background. New posts appear on Reddit every now and then, and the mains of other characters try to cheer them up.

This state of affairs is expected to continue until her redesign, which at this point has not even been announced. Riot, however, should be in a bit of a hurry, because playing with Yuumi in the team, is a good chance of losing.