These changes in League of Legends will hit live servers right away. Will there be no testing on PBE?

Some of League of Legends’ new features will not be tested on PBE?

The test server, known in the game community as PBE, is the place where new features go before they are released on live servers. This is where players can test new champions, skins, or other additions, and when they come across any bugs – report them to the title’s developers.

Fans are used to the fact that practically everything is released beforehand on PBE and only after some time gets into the hands of the whole community. This time may be different. What exactly is to be added live without prior testing?

League of Legends update 13.3

Rioters revealed on Discord that patch 13.3 will not have a test server equivalent. This means that some of the changes will hit live servers right away without prior testing, unlike how it usually happens.

We might not have a PBE for 13.3 at all and get ASol straight to live!

If we really don’t get a PBE for 13.3 that means we will only see Ahri final changes, who gets the new Mythic Chroma and Vi, Caitlyn and Amumu chromas only when they hit live!

Things can ALWAYS CHANGE tho!

The Amumu, Caitlyn, and Vi skins mentioned above are cosmetic additions to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day.