LoL players are angry with the devs for making Maokai no longer a top lane hero

Maokai fans would like to see the champion return to the top lane. Is it possible?

Maokai is a champion who joined League of Legends relatively long ago. More than 10 years have passed since the champion’s premiere, and in the meantime, it has received smaller and bigger gameplay changes. He was associated with the top lane most of the time, but at the moment players mostly choose him as a support.

Not all Maokai fans are happy with it because such a turn of events is not beneficial for both them and the character in question. What solution do players expect?

The Maokai problem

A user with the nickname Mr-Pokee shared a short comment on the situation of Maokai, who is no longer seen as a toplaner, but rather a support hero.

i don’t feel like maokai support was that strong, he was sure annoying in laning phase and had a great vision control, but he’s not the only annoying support, far from that.

it’s been a long time since he is barely able to go toplane for various reasons, and the maokai nerf aimed at supp maokai also hits top maokai, with no compensation.

The Maokai as support is definitely more popular. Champion plays 83% of his games as a support, while only 15% are on top. The win rates are equally impressive in both roles – as a support, it reaches a win rate of 53.7%, and on top – 53.09%.

However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the discussed hero is a relatively rare view on the top, which may mean that the win rate in this case is dictated by the experience of the players. SpookyImmobilizedToe thinks the champion isn’t tragic when he goes to the top lane, but he just fares better as a support.

Maokai support,¬†especially in Korea, is a very very strong pick right now both in terms of winrate and pickrate. It’s definitely unfortunate as his top lane isn’t great (although not that bad IMO he’s just an unpopular champ) and I’m hoping that if it continues to be a problem they find a way to mitigate his support to top lane success gap.

At the moment, it is not known how the changes from Update 11.22 will affect Maokai. The update will be released on live servers on November 3, and its full description can be found in another article –¬†Early patch 11.22 League of Legends description. Detailed nerfs, character and item buffs.