These LoL characters have the best chance of getting skins from Worlds 2021

Since there are only two teams left, we can easily start selecting the characters that have the best chance of getting skins in the 2021 World Cup.

Worlds 2021 is slowly coming to an end. Two teams will face each other in the final, scheduled for November 6. Based on the choices of players and previous Worlds, players have selected the characters that have the best chance of getting skins.

Of course, all this is only preliminary guesses, nothing can be 100% confirmed yet. Especially that the final is still ahead of us.

Who has the best chance?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the selection of these skins has been based on slightly different principles for the last two years. The players don’t choose one character, but three. Riot decides which character gets the skin. So it may be that the player cares about Lee Sin, for example, but he also picked Jayce and Graves. Riot may then decide that while the player prefers Lee, Graves will get the skin.

The scheme is very simple:

  • Yellow – the character has one skin from Worlds.
  • Orange – The character has two skins from Worlds.

When it comes to DW KIA:


It’s worth mentioning that the final choice must be approved by Riot. Characters without skins are therefore more likely to receive new cosmetic items.

EDward Gaming:


Players will likely slowly reveal the characters they lean towards. It was exactly the same with FPX.