LoL patch 13.2 – Who gets nerfs and who gets buffs? We know the plans for the second update of the 2023 season

League of Legends developers have revealed plans for the upcoming update – patch 13.2.

A new season in League of Legends recently began. After a little over a week since its start, it was time to announce plans for the next patch.

It turns out that this time the patch will introduce quite a variety of changes to both items and other gameplay elements. There will also be the usual buffs and nerfs of various characters. Here is the list published by one of the Rioters.

Buffs and nerfs in patch 13.2

Information about the upcoming update was announced by Matt Leung-Harrison, better known as Riot Phroxzon. In addition to the list of heroes and items that will receive changes, the Rioter also left a brief comment:

This patch, we’re shaking up a lot of different systems; fighter items, ADC satisfaction adjustments, and adjustments to make Grievous Wounds more impactful as a reactionary purchase. We’re making pre-emptive nerfs to champs that will become OP from Crit changes (Kindred, GP)

Champions’ buffs

  • Orianna,
  • Zoe,
  • Annie,
  • Lillia.

Champions’ nerfs

  • Kassadin,
  • Yuumi,
  • Maokai,
  • Gangplank,
  • Ryze,
  • Lucian,
  • Heimerdinger,
  • Udyr for R,
  • Kindred,
  • Nami.

Champion’s fixes

  • Jax (VFX/SFX)

System’s nerfs

  • Demonic Embrace (melee)

Systems’ changes

  • Chemtech dragon and its soul,
  • przedmioty dla fighterów,
  • ADC fixes,
  • Tenacity fixes,
  • Essence Reaver,
  • Grievous Wounds.