LoL champions whose fans most often go AFK. Some of them may be quite a surprise

What are League of Legends stats when it comes to going AFK?

AFK, short for away from keyboard, is a familiar term that every fan of multiplayer games has surely heard of. It defines a player who does nothing during the match – stands idle in the base or simply does not move after getting on the line. The reasons are different. Sometimes someone goes AFK because he got angry but didn’t quit the game (called rage quit). It also happens that a person who pays little attention to gameplay simply leaves the computer when he has to do something at home.

Of course, AFK walking is massively condemned by the community, because the whole team suffers from something like this and often a team with an afflicted person is in a losing position.

There are a lot of heroes in League of Legends that are associated with toxicity and nasty players. They are often mentioned when betting on which groups of mains are likely to leave the games or troll the most.

Jak to wygląda w przypadku chodzenia AFK?

These players AFK in LoL the most often

You can find many interesting comparisons and rankings on the League of Legends statistics pages. The community most often checks which heroes win the most games, what the current S tier looks like, or who is worth banning.

However, there are other comparisons worth paying attention to, which are also extremely interesting.

It is true that the king of the ranking – Yasuo – may be predictable for some, but the rest of the list is not so obvious.

Here are the top 10 AFK heroes according to

As you can see in the graphic above, the podium is taken by heroes such as Yasuo, Jax and Mordekaiser. Contrary to appearances, well-known heroes such as Yone or Master Yi did not appear in high places.

The above ranking covers all regions. How does it look like for the EUNE server?

Some of the characters from the previous chart are still there, but Warwick landed on EUNE in the first place, while Yasuo – only in fourth.