Former employees got pissed off at Riot and that’s how they want to their ex-bosses’ lives difficult

Games of former employees, be it Riot or Blizzard, are to some extent a meme. How is it this time?

Former employees’ games usually fail, or they never work out. This may not be the case this time. A few days ago, we reported that Riot Jag has resigned from one of the most important functions in creating LoL.

Now it is known that he joined his colleagues who are already after the first tests of their new production. The team is made up of practically all Rioters, and it’s hard not to get the impression that this MOBA is about to compete with Riot’s production.

This is to show that Riot made a mistake

Promotional materials contain information about a more dynamic, varied game. The whole thing may resemble Dota, and this is not a coincidence. Together with Rioters, Steve Feak, working at Riot, but known primarily for co-creating the original Dota, is responsible for this production.

Hidden Leaf Games, the studio responsible for “Fangs”, received a lot of funding in the amount of several million dollars a few months ago. And how did it all turn out? So far, several gameplay videos have been shown, and testing has already taken place. Some skills or the appearance of the character begs to be compared with LoL. These are two short fragments with a hero who is not Garen at all, as it may seem:



The most important difference here is the 3vs3 and the relatively small maps. The whole thing is very tight and it focuses on quick duels. The gameplay videos are as follows:


The client may be liked, it is simple and supposedly works flawlessly. It is known, however, that the gameplay will be the most important here, but as LoL shows, technical issues are also extremely important.

Could Riot have a big problem here? It is difficult to say whether it will be a meaningful competition. Certainly, the project is interesting, as more and more people are joining it, who are leaving Riot just for it.

You can see a lot of similarities to LoL in all of this, at some points even too much. The characters are made well, you can see that someone spent a long time on it. So far, it is not known when to expect the premiere and what Riot thinks about it. You can definitely see inspiration in many skills:


It’s too early to believe that Fangs has any chance in the market and will break through in MOBA games. However, you can already see that the production will have a lot to do with LoL in terms of skills and appearance of the characters.