Karthus players near this dragon can have serious problems in LoL, a new way to bypass his ult

League of Legends players bypass Karthus’ ult in this easy way.

Karthus is one of those characters in League of Legends who possesses a powerful ultimate that allows him to easily win team fights if used at the right moment. However, there are ways to effectively defend against it.

One of the defenses and the most popular one is Zhonya’s Hourglass, but it is available only to mages. Now it turns out that one of the dragons can also be great protection against him early in the game.

Protection from Karthus’ ult

The Deathsinger has been known to players for many years and probably everyone has got used to the fact that he is able to end and start team fights, dealing a lot of damage to each player. Several items can protect us from his ult, but sometimes they are not available, they are on CD, or we haven’t built them yet.

There is one way to avoid this skill, and it’s absolutely free, at virtually any time. All you have to do is enter one of the Hextech Gates that appear on the map.

If we’re inside, the ult won’t deal damage to us. Much like Caitlyn’s “R” if the bullet “hits” while we’re traveling. Gamers, on the other hand, do not believe that this is done on purpose and there is a chance that Riot will fix this “bug”.

The method is really good if Summoner’s Rift has just been taken over by this dragon, but not so perfect either. It has several disadvantages. Among other things, this drake must be drawn at the moment, we also have to be close to this portal. And after using it, you may find that someone is on the other side who is even more of a threat. Nevertheless, it is worth knowing this curiosity, which can save our lives many times.