An issue that LoL players see in Yone. What’s wrong with the hero?

What do some LoL fans say is wrong with Yone?

Yone is one of the most banned heroes in League of Legends. It is not difficult to notice that he quickly took this place next to his brother Yasuo, who for years was adored by some and hated by others.

Most fans who don’t like them would probably find that the problem is with the gameplay and high damage, for which champions really only need a few key items.

Yone, however, has mechanics in his skill set that Yasuo does not have. Skills give him a lot of mobility which the community does not necessarily like, and one player shares a clip that is supposed to directly point to the issue.

Yone’s mobility

A user with the nickname GrandPapaBi shared a short clip of Yone trying to kill the enemy Twitch. Despite the fact that the heroes are separated by a relatively long distance, Yone is able to catch up with the opponent without any problems.


Even though Yone missed with his ultimate, the first charged Q and Twitch did his best to distance himself from his opponent, he was still able to catch up with him largely thanks to the extra movement speed granted with E.

Many commenters believe that Yone should not be able to do that and that his E is unfair. Some pointed out that this ability has a serious disadvantage, and the additional movement speed is only partial compensation. However, Assaltwaffle believes that this was not the best solution that could have been taken by Riot.

He’s (Yone’s) already super vulnerable after E ends. Trying to make their weaknesses weaker instead of just making them more rounded (think Kayle rework early balance changes) usually just makes for polarizing and unfun gameplay for both parties.

Yone can often find himself in a hopeless situation when he returns to where he used his E. Opponents can only wait for the hero to return to the location, where several crowd control effects related to high damage that cannot be avoided await him. The speed of movement was supposed to make the above drawback less noticeable, but fans don’t think that was the best way to compensate it.