What character is perfect to play in LoL when you have broken fingers? This player has the answer

One of the players showed that it is possible to play LoL despite a serious hand injury.

According to many League of Legends fans, this game requires a lot of concentration and quick reaction. The faster the player, the better. It is important to use specific skills at the right time, use your summoner spells well, and sometimes also use items that can be activated by clicking on them.

It would seem that an efficient and quick left hand is required to do all of this. So what can you do if you get injured and break your fingers? One player has proven that you can still be useful on Summoner’s Rift, even with your arm in plaster.

Playing LoL with broken fingers

One player – Reddawg868 – posted a short video that quickly became incredibly popular. The video shows the author playing League of Legends, even though his hand is in plaster. According to the author’s description, he broke 2 fingers, making normal play impossible. So he had the idea that he would choose Yuumi.

Broke 2 of my fingers, decided to pick up Yuumi. Things are going well 🙂

Yuumi is a really peculiar LoL heroine. From the moment she was released, she became a meme and was hailed as the easiest character to play. Some gamers felt that Yuumi required so little commitment that they could make dinner, watch TV, or play another game on a second monitor while playing her.


The fact that one of the players coped well with broken fingers in the game will probably confirm Yuumi’s enemies that the character does not require good reflexes or even a healthy hand.

Nevertheless, it must be admitted that the author of the recording approached the matter very ingeniously. Not only did he use a pen to click individual keys, but he also used his injury to gain publicity on the Internet. The video on Reddit garnered almost 10,000 positive reactions and over 300 comments.

Commentators could not help but joke:

guide coming soon? this is advanced stuff

Others have found that playing with broken fingers is not all that special when you consider players who can play without a keyboard. A good example is GeT CoN TRollED, who is known to be the most popular Heimer main in the world and only plays with the mouse.