New teleport bug in LoL. It was discovered during the professional LPL games

During one of the professional matches, a strange teleport situation happened.

All errors and unexpected operation of the game elements are a big problem of League of Legends. Bugs happen regularly here, but fortunately, they are not always very dangerous. It does not change the fact that the bug can confuse players a lot.

In the case of professional games, where focus, communication with the team, and use of your knowledge about the game is extremely important, the occurrence of bugs and unplanned situations can be extremely destructive for one of the teams. Errors not only distract e-sportsmen but also often spoil planned actions.

During one game between AL and OMG in LPL Spring 2022, quite an unexpected situation occurred. What exactly happened?

The unexpected situation with a teleport

Teleport underwent a huge change with patch 12.1. The creators noted that this spell has enormous possibilities and can have a significant impact on the gameplay in the early stages of the game. It was decided that the teleport would be weakened in the early game and its power could be fully used in the middle and late stages of the match. These are the changes made in Update 12.1:

  • [UPDATED] TELEPORT COOLDOWN 420-210 seconds (based on level)  360 seconds at all levels
  • [NEW] UNLEASHED TELEPORT can only be used on allied towers. Once tower plating falls at 14 minutes, Teleport transforms into Unleashed Teleport, which can target allied towers, minions, wards, and certain allied constructs (same as Season 2021 Teleport)

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What happened during one of the professional games? At one point in the match between AL and OMG, a strange situation happened. Sett from the Red team, while at his base, began teleporting to Corki’s pack. It didn’t make any sense, of course, since it was only a few steps away from him.

It’s hard to say what exactly happened. Perhaps the player clicked in its vicinity by accident. However, this does not change the fact that the whole thing seems to be an unintentional error of the creators. In principle, only Corki can interact with his packages.


As you can hear, the response from the match commentators was very emotional. The casters laughed and said the whole situation was educational because they didn’t know you could use the teleport on Corki’s package.

Surprises of this type in professional games can have an extremely negative impact on the entire gameplay. Wasting a vital summoner spell can take a toll on one of the teams.

So far, Riot has not addressed this situation, but the creators will probably look at the problem quite quickly.