How have the division art from League of Legends changed over the years? Interesting comparison

Comparison of the graphics of all divisions from LoL and their changes that have occurred in recent years.

League of Legends is a game that is over 12 years old. It is considered very long in the gaming world, and LoL is constantly developing and attracting new players.

To prevent the title from becoming boring and monotonous, the creators do everything in their power to constantly refresh both the visual and gameplay side of the game. Changes are made to the client, champions receive reworks, icons of items or skills are replaced, and so on.

During the preparations for the new season of 2022, Rioters thought that it would be worth creating new graphics for divisions. Even before the start of the season, they were presented to players. Opinions varied and many fans complained that the change was not for good and that developers should stick to the old themes.

LoL veterans, however, know that the previous graphics were not that old and before them the divisions looked completely different.

Here’s a breakdown of how the art of divisions has changed over the years, from the oldest theme to the one you see today.

Divisions in League of Legends

One of the players has created a list of all division graphics that have ever appeared in League of Legends. It is worth noting that the oldest themes do not represent some ranks because years ago some of them simply did not exist.

Players with more experience will probably remember that there was no Iron Division and no GrandMaster in the game.

As you can see, the differences are really big. Lots of people say the newest ranks don’t look that good when compared to older art, which fans say look more spectacular.

In addition, some people complain that the colors of the newest ranks are not very clear. Because of that, at first glance, Gold may be confused with Bronze. The Challenger also lost its shine to a muted golden hue.

Probably many players miss the old graphics, especially the second version, which is remembered by fans from all over the world. It cannot be denied that the shape of the division icons was very characteristic and known even to people not related to League of Legends.