Riot removes it from LoL after two years, because no one wanted to pay for it. And it’s hardly surprising

Riot officially admitted that one of the products was not popular, so it’s time to close it.

There are many different tools for LoL that people only learn about when their closing is announced. It may be similar in this case. Some probably know, others don’t, but Riot has been developing something called “Pro View” since 2019.

It was a tool that allows you to watch the POV of professional players – the intention was quite interesting because you can learn a lot from it. However, this tool was underdeveloped and additionally paid. As a result, after two years, it ends its life.

Riot officially announces its closure

Who used it? Well, the problem is that virtually no one did. You might think that this is an essential tool for everyone who is involved in esports – coaches, players, analysts, etc. This made it possible to “eavesdrop” players, track their matches, results, access to POV or entire VOD matches. There was also a top view, switching between players live, extended charts, etc.

And yet it was not enough. Hardly anyone wanted to pay $ 6.99 for the opportunity to watch the players’ perspectives. Therefore, a message appeared on the official website informing about the closure of the service. It is also worth mentioning that in general, this tool was heavily underdeveloped, some things simply did not work, were not compatible with some browsers.

As we read, Riot will continue to explore the possibility of developing a better solution, but rather everyone realizes that something like this will probably never come back. Unless it’s for free, then maybe people would actually start using it.