Riot wants to rework a LoL character 9 years after its premiere. But players are not helping

Riot spoke about one of the characters that many believe was hurt in some way a few years ago.

There are quite a lot of heroes in LoL that require refreshing both visually and from the gameplay side. Riot, to better understand the needs of players, conducts special surveys in which the community selects the characters that will be changed next.

One such vote was launched in 2020, and Quinn was among the candidates. This character, released in 2013, underwent one rework in its history, in 2015 to be exact. Now it turns out that Riot is returning to the topic of her changes.

Riot would like to rework her, but players don’t want that?

Riot has been wondering about Quinn’s full rework for a long time. So much so that she was thrown to the vote as a “wild card”. Unfortunately, the proposal did not gain much support from players.

The effect of this was her absence in this year’s vote. As we read, Riot is still interested in its rework “at some point”. One of the Rioters clearly points out that there is a lot of internal interest in the heroine’s VGU.

It’s interesting because the LoL community still talks about Quinn and about her special ability practically every day. So it would seem that the players’ support in this matter will be greater.

The character itself is not particularly popular considering its history, but it does have its devoted fans.

It seems that in Quinn’s case, it was the community that mattered most, more specifically the lack of votes for the heroine. Riot still wants to rework her, but it is not known when.