Perfect action by Lillia and her allies from LoL? The opponents didn’t stand a chance

One of the players shared a video showing him and his team defeating five enemies.

Team communication is extremely important in League of Legends. The proper reaction to the actions of allies is often more crucial than perfect combo execution alone because without the support of the team it is difficult to win.

No wonder the clip showing the support of the team are very satisfying. One of such clips was shared by a player who decided to run into the opposing team. Things moved very quickly. What exactly happened?

Lillia and an ult against 5 opponents

Lillia is a lovely heroine who gives a lot of satisfaction while playing. Fans like her relatively simple skill set that is easy to remember and assimilate. Of course, this does not mean that everyone will win all matches at once. The ability to make decisions and the appropriate use of her ultimate – Lilting Lullaby are also important. This can make enemies under the influence of Dream Dust fall asleep. The sleeping opponent is quite an easy target.

A player with the nickname SnooStrawberries4215 shared a video that shows that as Lillia he hit enemies in the middle lane. After a flash, he quickly used Q – Blooming Blows to apply Dream Dust to enemies. Then he used her ult.


Making the whole opposing team fall asleep was nice, but that was not what caught the attention of commenters. Other players noticed that Lillia’s team reacted very quickly to her play. It is true that the communication was better because it was not ranked with random people, but Clash, which does not change the fact that watching a team destroying opponents together with ease is very satisfying.

Gamers joked that the play featured was better than what could be seen on the esports scene. The action of the TSM team was reminded of. There, Lillia also hit their opponents and made them fall asleep. Unfortunately, her allies have apparently forgotten that they should follow her.

Ay, your team actually followed up! Literally better than TSM.