Why you should never use two programs to change skins at the same time in LoL?

What happens when you use two skin replacement programs?

Skins are one of the most essential elements of League of Legends. There are a lot of skins in the game, which currently often cost at least 1350 RP. Players who want to test a selected look have test servers at their disposal, but it is not a good solution for everyone.

For this reason, third-party programs that allow you to upload custom skins to the game or set any skins offered by Riot have long been popular. This is not in line with the company’s policy, but some players still use them, and the effects can be really surprising.

The scariest skin in LoL

There are numerous heroes to be found in League of Legends, and each of them has skins that change their basic appearance. Even though the newer skins can really change the champion, no one would expect the effect that one player managed to achieve.

A user with the nickname jupiterisflat shared a clip showing what can happen when you use two apps to change the skin in League of Legends.


Commenting players admitted that without looking at the skill bar, it would have been difficult for them to identify which champion they are looking at. A lot of them initially thought it was a weird version of Fiddlesticks.

There were also quite a few statements that said it was the scariest thing they had ever seen in League.

That is the far scariest skin i have ever seen

The legality of third-party programs used by the author of the post was also raised.

Rioters have commented here before and on Twitter how its against the rules. Issue is that its impossible for Riot to tell if the cutom skin you are using is just a custom skin or if its a custom skin that has things like your auto attack range permanently set as a halo around you at all times, your hit box outlines perfectly, and other potential cheats.

Uploading skins is not legal and it is difficult to argue with the arguments that the Rioters put forward.