A clip of Kayn’s solo pentakill in LoL that shows why some people ban this champion

Kayn single-handedly knocked down the entire enemy team and they didn’t have time to react.

While there are already quite a few heroes in League of Legends, Riot continues to release them. The creators stick to a predetermined plan for issuing new characters, and the vast majority of them go to really high positions in the tier lists if you sort them by the frequency of banning the character.

Most heroes with unique mechanics are controversial. Some people love them and others hate them. Such champions include Kayn, who, due to his passive ability, can perfectly adapt to the conditions in the game, and the ability to walk through walls is a dream for many players who do not like playing against Kayn.

Kayn’s solo pentakill

A user with the nickname XenophonMelissaris shared a clip of Kayn first stealing the Elder Dragon and then knocking the entire opposing team down on his own.


The red team was sure of their advantage due to the fact that two players of the blue team were dead. In addition, just before the action, Sett pointed that Nocturne’s Smite is ready to be used.

Players likely expected Kayn to attempt to steal the dragon, but couldn’t have predicted what happened a moment later. The hero jumped into the middle of the enemy team alone, stealing the dragon and then killing all enemies.

There were a lot of voices in the comments from players who don’t like playing against Kayn and admitted that this clip is a perfect representation of what they don’t like about this champion.

When my friends ask me why I always ban kayn no matter what I’m just going to send them this video now xD

Some commentators, however, pointed to really favorable conditions for Kayn. It certainly helped him that all the enemies were very close together, which allowed the champion to properly use his W. The soul of Ender Dragon also played a large role, killing enemies below a certain health level.