Is League of Legends losing players? Is there any chance the game will die in the near future?

Is the community of one of the biggest games in the world falling apart? What about the future of LoL?

No one will be surprised by the fact that games have a limited lifespan. Many titles do not stay on the market even for several years. A lot of them come and go very quickly because the competition is huge and it’s really hard to keep people interested.

Certain genres die naturally and at the end of their existence, they only attract the biggest fans. Some say that is the fate of MOBA games. However, do the statistics confirm this? What do the numbers related to League of Legends show?

The community of this game lists many reasons why one of the most popular titles in the world can crash. According to fans, the most serious problem is that the developers – Riot Games – ignore the community’s requests.

And while it is true that currently the player base is mostly people who have spent a lot of time with the title, and the client itself has huge problems with bugs, is LoL really going downhill?

Is League of Legends dying?

Riot Games released its most popular title in 2009 and has been developing it ever since. Today, the game is practically nothing like what it was in the beginning. A handful of champions have grown to a collection of over 160 heroes, the map, character graphics have been refreshed, rotating modes have been added, a lot of themed events and more.

The game has been around for over 12 years, so a lot of people say it will eventually die. Players assume that no title lasts forever, not even the most popular one, and without a doubt League of Legends is one of the biggest multiplayer games in the world today, and it has incredibly developed esports that attracts millions of people.

When you compare LoL to Dota 2, the second largest MOBA game in the world, you’ll notice that the discrepancy in terms of player numbers is huge. DotA, released by Valve, currently has over 11 million active users per month. Compared to it, LoL has about ten times more.

Even if you take into account the fact that this year’s holidays did not look good in League and the community more often complained and criticized for mistakes, an unsuccessful event, and a lot of problems with the client, the players’ activity still shows that the future of the game can be really good.

CS: GO is the most famous FPS in the world, with an insanely popular esport scene. It’s hard to find players who have never heard of this title. Comparing it to League of Legends, however, seems unfair. It’s not even that they are completely different genres, which of course is true, but the fact that compared to the 26 million active users for CS: GO, the numbers from LoL seem downright overwhelming. Over 100 million people play Riot’s production.

Some argue that the League’s good situation at the present time is due to the fact that the animated series Arcane was released. Of course, this premiere had some impact on the popularity of the title and for many months it meant that Summoner’s Rift was visited by new people who, before Arcane, were not interested in LoL at all. However, it can be said that some of these people were quickly gone because they simply got bored with it or felt that it was not what it seemed to be for a person unfamiliar with the world of games.

The last event in League of Legends was not the best and the huge problems with prizes, tokens, or progress in the event certainly did not made the community happier. However, this does not mean that such a stumble will make one of the most popular titles in the world collapse. There are still unimaginable numbers of people playing LoL every day. Developing other games from the developers also helps here – it makes fans even closer to the heroes of League.