Riot changed stamina in LoL some time ago. How has the update affected the current meta?

Stamina update and its impact on the current meta in LoL.

At the end of May, the creators of League of Legends decided to change their production. Many items and heroes have received drastic changes. In addition, healing was also changed.

Now, after a few months, we can see how they affect the matches. It turns out big and maybe even bigger than everyone expected. Time for a little summary.

Stamina changes in LoL

Riot releases a balance update for its top game every two weeks. Usually, the stats of a few or a dozen characters and items change. The community has to wait until preseason for major changes to affect all heroes. However, not this time. On May 25, a huge patch hit the official servers, with healing reduction and a greater impact of the Grievous Wounds effect, as well as the overall health of champions.

Now, after almost 3 months, it’s time to collect the results and summarize whether the meta has actually changed.

Length of matches

According to statistics from various sites, the average match length was around 27 minutes before the update. Now it’s closer to 30 in low divisions. This means fans need to spend about 3 minutes more time on Summoner’s Rift. This gives a lot of opportunities to return to the game and win even lost matches.

Healing per level

Rather, nobody likes to deal less damage than the opponent heals. Before, it was often the case that Grievous Wounds didn’t matter that much, and a heavily fed opponent was able to heal himself for a little less than half of the team’s damage. Now it looks a bit better, but still a lot of players complain that it’s too much.

Longer team fights

Thanks to the increase in HP, armor, and magic resistance, there is now a lower chance that the enemy hero will consume the enemy’s entire health bar in a fraction of a second. Thanks to this, fans of mechanically difficult characters can show off their skills and win. Overall, team fights have become longer, and this somewhat eliminates the surprise strike factor without giving that advantage anymore.

Overall, the community’s feedback on the changes is really good, with many players saying it was one of the best decisions made. Now that things have slowly stabilized and the changes have been balanced, League of Legends’ gameplay is a lot better. However, developers still have a lot to do.