Riot changes drops in LoL. Everything you need to know about Worlds 2022 drops

Riot Games announced changes to drops in 2022.

League of Legends players can earn extra content for the game not only by playing and opening chests but also by drops. A few years ago, Riot prepared something that provides additional entertainment from watching esports.

Now they decided to change it a bit and make a few adjustments. The creators want to use memes, among other things, to make the dropping of prizes more attractive.

Worlds LoL 2022 drops

The League community likes free content. Regardless of whether it concerns skins, icons or emotes. This is possible thanks to drops that players all over the world enjoyed for some time. Especially during such a big tournament as the World Cup, and this one is fast approaching. For this reason, it’s important to know what Riot has changed.

The fixes aren’t big and are mostly just details. Players will continue to receive similar rewards, but tailored for this year, such as “exclusive emotes and icons inspired by memes and last season’s cool moments.” Additionally, the creators are looking for a way to reward fans watching VODs. However, it is worth noting here that at the moment they will still only be turned on during live broadcasts.

In 2022, we’ll be working to bring more exciting features to Drops. We also will be taking a closer look at how we reward fans that can’t watch us live or that prefer VODs. While we do this, Watch Missions won’t be returning immediately in Spring 2022, however we’ll be expanding Drops to more leagues on

It is also worth remembering which events increase the chance of receiving them:

  • Pentakill: Drop has a higher chance of happening
  • Stolen objective: A drop might happen, but isn’t guaranteed
  • Other moments: A drop might happen, but isn’t guaranteed

Worlds 2022 will be the earliest when players will be able to get the drops, and the tournament will start in late September. All dates are available in this article: CLICK