This is currently the most bugged item in LoL. If it worked properly, it would be too strong

A bugged item in LoL that doesn’t quite work.

League of Legends players can use a whole bunch of different items. Each of them has unique effects and boosts statistics.

However, it turns out that something is not working as it should and is buggy. If that wasn’t enough, the bug has been around since the end of the 2021 season and has not yet been fixed.

Item bugs attack again

If it wasn’t for the curiosity of the LoL community, many players would probably never know that a given hero or item was not functioning properly. This is often the case, and fans are able to spend a lot of time researching a case. This time a Reddit user with the nickname VS_Crimson took up the challenge and targeted Horizon Focus.

The player focused mainly on increasing the damage by 10%. It turns out that this is bugged. The description suggests that it works on all damage buffing it for 10%. This is not true. It does not affect the damage dealt by auto attacks, even the buffed ones like Ekko’s “W” or Lux’s passive. This also applies to Wits End, BoTRK, and Nashor’s Tooth.

He also conducted a text on Elise. While this item is not normally built on her, it served as a great base and the results terrified him. On 2000 damage, Horizon contributed 19. Not 190, but 19. The second test showed 70 DMG with 3000 total DMG, which is 22.5% of what it would normally do. Full test video:


It is therefore hardly surprising that players choose Shadowflame, the main competitor of Horizon Focus, more often. It doesn’t change the fact that this bug has probably been around since patch 11.23, which would mean that for over half a season it hasn’t been fixed. Will Riot finally do something with it? Perhaps they will take care of the item, but then it may turn out to be too strong.