Inspired tells LoL players how to be a good jungler and recommends to stop playing ranked games

Being a better jungler without playing rankeds? Inspired has an interesting tactic for this.

League of Legends players usually try to do better in order to win more games and thus earn more LP and a higher rank. However, the tactic of playing and thus gaining experience is not always good.

A well-known Polish professional player from the Evil Geniuses team believes that rankeds are not needed to get better. It is enough to do something completely different, but there is a small catch

Being a better jungler

Probably everyone who plunged into the world of League of Legends thought about becoming a professional or at least dreaming of a high rank. It is not impossible if you adjust the training properly. Free guides that are available for this or help from professionals for a fee may help.

Now Polish player Kacper “Inspired” Słoma has decided to reveal the secret behind his success in the jungle. In an interview with, he said that he stopped playing ranked queue and focused on his own training. He spends a lot of time analyzing rivals’ games, and mistakes they make, which he can use to his advantage and working with allies. Additionally, he watches those who are better than himself to see what strategy they are using. However, when it comes to rankeds, he also plays in other positions to better understand them.

In other roles you need to be aware of everything because if you make a mistake the enemy team will try to punish you and the game can become very difficult to win.

He also added that playing in the jungle allows you to better think about what is happening on the map and plan future actions.

Jungle is the easiest role to play because it has a lower margin for making mistakes. There are still people who aren’t very good at it.

Finally, he also said a few words about his allies.

You need to know how your teammates want to play and depending on their playstyle, what heroes they choose and how to work well with them.


Here’s a little problem. He mainly addresses these words to people who want to learn to play at a level higher than normal and slightly different from the classic LoL. We are talking about team play in different leagues. Then the analysis of the opponents and their matches may be useful. Additionally, knowing your allies is also important.

However, actually watching the best performers play and jotting down their decisions can pay off. On the other hand, if it is the level of gold, silver, or platinum, the basics may be better, and there are plenty of tutorials on these on YouTube.