Ashe’s pick rate on support overwhelms the players of this heroine. Gamers ask if Riot will do anything about it

Ashe on support is becoming more and more popular. The community wonders if the creators will want to change that.

Ashe, one of the oldest characters in League of Legends, has been talked about quite a lot lately. Practically every time, the topic is very similar – it’s about her popularity as a support and the fact that fans of the character don’t like it, at least on average.

Some have even come up with proposals for Riot – simple changes that would make Ashe as a shooter more interesting and simply more profitable (see: Ashe players do not want their character to be a support. How, in their opinion, the heroine’s condition can be improved?).

The topic came back – this time raised by another player who looked at the character statistics on What did he notice there?

The problem with Ashe as a support

Until now, Ashe fans have touched on the subject of the heroine without looking at specific statistics, but whether playing her on support destroys the character’s concept.

The user with the nickname tredli started the topic again, this time paying attention to the fact that the heroine has been played mainly in the role of support for five patches.

Ashe has been picked more as support than ADC for the last 5 patches

Patch 12.11 was the last patch where her ADC pickrate was over her support pickrate, from there onwards it’s been getting more and more lopsided, and as of time of speaking she’s picked as support 60%+ of the time (per lolalytics).

Do you think she’ll get some changes to push her back into ADC? I think this is the first time we see an ADC fall from laning into the support role, but it kind of makes sense with how dated her kit feels.

As you can see, the topic is important for many players. It might seem that Ashe is not a particularly popular heroine, but the fact that she is abandoning her lead role has hurt the community a lot.