Incredibly advanced skin concept for Anivia – full VFX, in-game model and splash art

What would Anivia look like if she were a normal phoenix? The fiery version of the heroine is impressive.

Anivia is the heroine who appeared on Summoner’s Rift on July 10, 2009. Even though she is not particularly popular, most people know her well because she is unique in her own way. She is not a humanoid character and additionally has very characteristic skills. There were numerous memes about Anivia’s wall and her passive confused many players who thought that they would get an easy kill under the opponent’s tower.

Anivia has a lot of interesting skins, but none related to a real fire phoenix. Many fans wondered why Riot didn’t create it. It turns out that the concept was created many years ago and was developed by several players, including one that works for Riot Games today.

The idea for the skin – Volcanic Anivia

The fact that the creation of some fan concepts lasts a year or two is not surprising. Some ideas for skins require a lot of work and a lot of involvement of even a few people. However, how many players know that certain projects took much longer to develop?

Volcanic Anivia’s vision appeared many years ago. This is not particularly surprising. A heroine of this type seems to need her fiery version. The artist who created the first graphics related to the volcanic version of the character probably did not know that after many years someone will develop her design with a model and appearance of skills, and in 2022 a fully animated VFX will be created.

The whole thing is very impressive and it is definitely worth your while to get to know this fan skin concept.

Splash art

The author of splash art is Dzaka, an artist from France. The above graphic was already published on December 13, 2014, i.e. over 7 years ago.

The model in the game and the appearance of the skill

Vlad Bacescu, a graphic designer from Romania, who, interestingly, is currently working as a concept author for Riot Games, returned to the idea for Volcanic Anivia. Vlad decided to expand the idea with the model and the appearance of the animation (only as a picture so far).

Fan-made VFX

One of the fans – Jiierf – decided that the project was so interesting that it would be worth adding some animations to it. And so, more than 7 years after inventing Volcanic Anivia, the heroine has a lot of concepts, splash art, and a set of animations. It’s fair to say that it was worth the wait.


The whole thing looks really good and LoL fans have once again shown that they are really creative. Many players felt the concept was so good that it should eventually appear in the game, as it would be a shame if it went to waste.