How LoL players waiting at base before using the ult can save up to 20 seconds of CD

Riot still hasn’t fixed a bug in LoL affecting ultimate skill cooldown while being in the base.

Some League of Legends characters have global skills. They allow you to hit your opponent even at the other end of the map. This means that they are often used right after spawning in a base.

In this case, rushing is a big disadvantage and is able to increase the cooldown of skills. It’s all because of a bug that hasn’t been fixed for years. What is it actually about?

Higher cooldown

For years, League players have known the problem of global skills used straight from the base. It worked with both skill cooldown reduction and now works with using your skill faster. It has not been repaired despite many community requests, and now it’s time for another reminder.

The idea is for players to wait a few seconds after respawning at base before using their global ultimate. This will allow you to save a dozen or even several dozen seconds of cooldown time. This was shown by one of the Reddit users in an overview video.


As you can see, even though it normally shows 25 seconds of CD, Ashe had to wait 46 seconds. It’s all because of the bug that doesn’t count skill boost right after respawn.

At the moment, there is only one solution to this problem. You should wait a few seconds for Ability Haste to load properly and affect the ult. If the player chooses not to wait, they will have to wait much longer for the skill to be usable again.