What’s in the next Mythical Store rotation in League of Legends?

The content of the next Mythical Store. What can you currently find in it?

Some time ago, Riot introduced the ability to unlock unique content that hit the game in the past. We are talking about the mythical shop and the older Prestige skins that can be found in it. Riot announced to fans that the content will change regularly, and the offer will include next skins. What’s in the next Mythic Shop rotation?

Another Mythic Shop rotation

New skins are added to the store every month. Mythical skins, such as Ashen Knight Pantheon or elements of the earlier Hextech series, cost 100 Mythic Essence. The Prestige skins change every month – the first time you take a skin out of the vault, it costs ME 125, the second 150, and the third and every subsequent one.

Skins Cost
Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition 150 ME
Dark Star Malphite Prestige Edition 125 ME
Ashen Knight Pantheon 100 ME
Dreadnova Darius 100 ME
Hextech Ziggs 100 ME

Accessories and other items available

Items Cost
Ashen Knight Ward 50 ME
Emberworken Chroma (Ashen Knight Pantheon) + Icon 40 ME
Mythic Chroma: Star Guardian Jinx 40 ME
Ashen Knight Pantheon Emote 25 ME
Skin Shard 10 ME
150 Blue Essence 1 ME
50 Orange Essence 1 ME

At the moment, you can unlock content related to the recently released Ashen Knight Pantheon skin. This is likely to change with the next content rotation in the Mythical Store.

Another rotation will take place in August. Hextech Ziggs and Deadnova Darius should remain in the store, but Prestige skins should change.