Should Riot start balancing ARAMs in LoL and introduce a banning system?

LoL players are asking for ARAM Balancing. It’s not going well.

It may seem that the ARAM mode was created so that players can play random characters for entertainment. However, hardly anyone is entertained when the game is so unbalanced. Even by ARAM’s standards.

And it’s not about 52% or even 55% winrate – some have been around 57% for a long time, such as Swain. The players do not like this form of things.

Balance the ARAMs

Many gamers don’t pay much attention to game modes such as ARAM, URF, and more. Usually, it’s just fun, but it’s hard to have fun when a few characters win the game. This is what the Redditor with the nickname Orrion_the_Kitsune_ thinks and many players agreed with him. In his post, he wrote about an interesting balance and asked Riot to introduce a ban system so that the strongest characters can be sidelined.

The fan pointed to such champions as Renata Glasc, Senna, or Aatrox. It is they who currently dominate this mode and win the most matches. Fiddle, Taric, Heimer, and a few other heroes also are in the top.

Perhaps such a post will reach the creators and they will decide to balance their pupils. At the moment, however, players must suffer, because the system does not allow bans for which this user is also fighting. However, according to commenters, there is a greater chance that developers will balance characters than they will introduce the ability to block their nemesis.