This brings together most of the male characters from League of Legends that were released after 2016

One LoL fan saw a rather amusing similarity between the champions of the game.

League of Legends players are a truly unique and interesting community. The point here is not that many people consider LoL fans a really toxic group, but the fact that among game lovers you can find people who pay attention to rather non-obvious things.

Players are able to analyze announcements second by second, extract curiosities from each story or find all the easter eggs in the characters’ statements. While that’s not particularly weird yet, analyzing champions for their chest reveal can be quite funny.

One of the fans looked at the heroes released after Jhin, i.e. after February 1, 2016. It turns out that most of them have a similar approach to dressing. What is it about?

T-shirtless champions

In recent years, Riot has focused on creating heroines, because, as the creators admitted, the game aims to have both female and male champions. However, this does not mean that there were no characteristic men released, who today have huge fan groups.

After Jhin, i.e. after 2016 on Summoner’s Rift, there were such characteristic characters, such as, for example, Pyke, Sylas, Kayn, Sett, Yone, and Viego.

What do all these heroes have in common? It turns out that almost every male champion released after 2016 is not wearing a T-shirt.

It is worth noting that the author of the list took into account people with a human appearance, so he did not include, inter alia, Kled, Ornn or Aurelion Sol.

The graphics after the 9 heroes are put together look a bit funny because only Aphelios covers his body and is fully clothed. Everyone else shows off their chests proudly.

Interestingly, the list was prepared by an Aphelios fan. The author thought that this makes his favorite hero unique. In addition, he wrote that creating an interesting outfit that would cover the figure and attract the attention of players with its design is a greater challenge than releasing another young and muscular champion.

Of course, the fact that most of the new male League of Legends characters don’t wear a T-shirt became a meme some time ago. Gamers joked that Riot couldn’t dress up their heroes or that they were obviously too poor to buy some clothes.