How is League of Legends’ newest champion Milio doing after a week?

How do the statistics of the latest LoL support look a few days after its release?

It’s been a few days since the release of the new character. Milio, a small boy who uses fire, is the newest champion in the game. As most probably already know, the new champion is a support and his job is to help his team with healing or shields, among other things.

Is Milio currently very popular among the community? How does his win rate look and is he often picked or banned?

One week after the release of Milio from League of Legends

It can’t be said that the timing of Milio’s release was particularly spectacular or controversial. It was far from the commotion that was caused by, for example, Seraphine, Yuumi, Yone, or Viego. Of course, there were people who followed the previews and were curious about who the mysterious boy wielding fire would be, but the character in itself did not cause any major discussions like K’Sante, for example, where there was a lot of talk about his skin color or orientation.

As for the very issue of statistics and strength of the new support, it is worth mentioning that quickly after the release Riot introduced a patch that weakened Milio. You can read more about the nerfs there in a separate article: Milio’s quick nerfs have already appeared on League of Legends live servers. What have the developers weakened?

So what do the current stats of the character look like?

From the stats page, one can read that Milio is currently winning 51.44% of games in Platinum+ divisions. His pick rate is 22.42% with a 39.95% ban rate. Statistics are slightly lower on similar sites, for example, reports that the champion wins 49.9% of games.

No one will be surprised by the fact that in as much as 99.3% of occasions, the champion appears in the support role. The second most popular role is mid, although there he is seen in only 0.4% of cases.

The high pick rate currently makes Milio the most popular support hero, which is unlikely to surprise anyone. By comparison, the second most popular support is Thresh, whose pick rate is 20%.

Despite the fact that the new champion has only been in League of Legends for a week, there are people who are vying for records in scoring mastery points on him. So far, the highest score is about 70,000 and it belongs to a player from the EUNE server.