What changes does one LoL developer announce? With his comment, he dispelled a lot of doubts

A Rioter responds to a post by a player who asked why old systems are not updated.

League of Legends is a game that has changed significantly since its release. Riot’s production is constantly being updated and improved, but given how large the LoL community is, it’s hard to please everyone with the changes being made.

On the web, you can regularly find posts in which fans complain about particular elements of the game. What exactly was the issue this time, and what was the response of one of the studio’s employees?

Riot’s work on LoL

There have indeed been quite a few new features to League of Legends since its release. Many of them are being refined and updated, but some of them give the impression of being abandoned, despite the fact that they continue to be an essential part of LoL. A user with the nickname Ragaga decided to speak out on the subject, writing that some of the systems that have found their way into the game are not getting the attention they deserve.

He mentioned, among others, Clash, challenges, eternals, the honor system, and mastery or the ability to personalize one’s profile. Each of the mentioned elements, in the author’s opinion, deserves changes, and Rioter Pupulasers decided to write what the studio is able to do to meet fans’ expectations on particular issues.

We have begun discovery on work within a few of the categories you call out. While I cannot share details yet, here are some specific points you made that we totally agree with – and these thoughts will be driving our investment on League:

  • We can utilize the Challenge system to deliver more event-driven and focused objectives for players to chase after.

  • Eternals has given us technology that we have yet to fully realize the potential of. Any investment here will not be primarily motivated by monetization, instead focusing on utilizing the tech to give players awesome, Champ-specific goals to chase and achieve.

  • Champion Mastery is something players really enjoy, but does not go deep enough – and to your point, does little to distinguish between 30-40k and 1M+ Mastery players. We’re asking questions such as “how can we extend Champ Mastery?” and “how can we broaden Mastery to things beyond Champs (ie, Class or Role)?” No promises or spoilers here, just sharing some thoughts and questions we’re asking ourselves as we work on adding more player value here.

To set expectations, there are a lot more things that we want to do for you all than we have the capabilities to do quickly. While I do think League (like many games) has historically under-indexed toward improving existing, released features in favor of new shinies, we do have a lot of exciting new things we’re working on that we feel could really positively transform your experience. We’ll do our best to balance between improving existing systems and releasing new ones, trying to optimize for both short-term and long-term player value.

From the statement, one can learn that Riot is able and willing to develop, among other things, the Eternals or mastery system. However, no specifics were given on both the enhancements and the dates when these could appear.