Rioter shares details on Azir’s upcoming changes from League of Legends

What is known about the buffs to be received by Azir?

In one of the recent updates, Azir received some really big changes. Each of his skills and basic stats were changed, and the list of fixes was really long. Riot didn’t classify the fixes as buffs or nerfs, but simply wanted the champion to relate better to the meta. The effect of the fixes, however, does not satisfy, and patch 13.7 is expected to introduce buffs that will perhaps finally allow the champion to gain popularity and affect his position on tier lists.

Phreak on Azir’s changes

After Azir was updated, his poor statistics only suffered. He went from being a champion who won less than 48% of games and was picked in just over 2% of matches in the 13.4 update, to a hero who ranks last in tierlists, having a winrate of 46%, which is the lowest of any character on mid.

Riot Phreak, who usually shares with the community a detailed description of the fixes after the release of the update, published a commentary in which he dissected what exactly the designers want to change.

Armor up, AS growth up, Q stab range slightly down, W damage slightly up, Q mana cost further increased with rank up, W cost reduced with rank up, more of W damage comes from rank up instead of champion level. Passive summon range up, Passive duration up.

Riot most likely planned to release drastic patches to target Azir’s skill set, and then see how the character would perform, allowing for the release of appropriate changes.

How Azir will ultimately fare, however, remains to be seen moments after the release of Update 13.7. Riot is taking a cautious approach to patches, as there are only two patches left for the one on which the MSI tournament will be played. So the devs are not making drastic changes that could significantly disrupt the balance of gameplay.