Gamers are complaining about character healing in LoL season 2021, should Riot completely rework this mechanic?

The mechanics of healing and reduction should be reworked? That’s what LoL players say.

Currently, in the 2021 season of League of Legends, there are many characters that can heal themselves. However, if they don’t, most of them can purchase items to do so.

However, the community doesn’t like it at all and players are asking the developers to rework the mechanics. It will cover both healing, lifesteal, and the effects of “Grievous Wounds”.

Healing rework

Probably each of us has encountered a situation in which the opponent has only a small percentage of HP left, but suddenly he is fully healed, even if we have an antiheal. Healing is a staple mechanic in League of Legends that is once again the target of gamers. This time it was discussed on Reddit, where it quickly turned into a real idea of a total rework.

First, the user mbbroXD touched on the topic, who noted that in Season 11, Riot Games wanted to nerf the healing a bit. But something else happened, and he claims he has never seen so much of it before. As an example, he mentioned the items Goredrinker and Shieldbow, and several characters such as the reworked Sona, Soraka with a new ult, Aphelios, Sylas, and Samira. He also stressed that the list was really long.

It feels like everything and everyone heals insane amounts of HP everytime. Irelia can’t be shoved off lane, Viego was release with a random 150% sustain bonus on minions while being a manaless champion and I can continue.

There’s no game I don’t find myself building GW 2nd or 3rd just because there’s just so much sustain out there that even assassins are just dropping their mythics and runes and going straight to Gore+Conq. Just sad to watch.

Commentators quickly agreed that the author was right now that Grevious Wounds are actually mandatory in virtually every game and they miss the times when they were only built on Soraka or Vladimir.

So what are the fans proposing? Removal or significant reduction of the antiheal effect and appropriate healing adaptation. Crazymage321 claims that:

One of the big problems a lot of players feel in the last season is the arms race between healing and grievous wounds power level. When one gets a bit too ahead Riot just buffs the other one to compensate and it keeps going until where we are now, where most people are building healing items like Goredrinker or Shieldbow and then to match it the majority of the lobby is building grievous wounds.

Perhaps in the upcoming 2022 season, Riot Games will actually take the advice of players to heart. However, this was not the first time that the topic appeared and players were discussing the same topic a year earlier. As you can see, nothing has changed so far, but it is possible that Riot Games will take care of it in the preseason.