Chibi heroes will go to LoL – an addition similar to Little Legends, but much more expensive than champions

Riot introduces a new addition, which are mini-versions of the characters. Where will they appear and how much will they cost?

So far, League of Legends has introduced icons from the chibi series, which presented the champions of the game in a smaller and more charming version. Chibi itself is a Japanese word that has come to be known as a term for a specific representation of the character – the body is much smaller and the head is larger. Chibi versions of the characters often make cute faces or behave in sweet, often exaggerated ways.

Riot decided that the icons alone are not enough, so they created something like Little Legends from TFT. It turns out that mini heroes from LoL will appear in their place. How will it be possible to obtain them and will they be 100% equivalents of the ones known from Teamfight Tactics?

Chibi heroes from League of Legends

One of the Rioters – Rodger Caudill – announced that there will be completely new content related to the characters known from LoL.

In one of the official Riot entries we can read:

Chibi Champions are bite-sized versions of their League of Legends counterparts, with all the team-fighting talent and portal-making power of Little Legends. Making their debut on the Convergence first? Chibi Ekko, Chibi Jinx, and Chibi Vi!

According to the information provided, chibi characters will be something similar to Little Legends, but they will not simply be human equivalents of these creatures. Chibi Heroes won’t hatch from eggs and will be obtainable for 1900 RP – which is apparently more than the price of a normal champion, and even more than the price of a Legendary skin.

Chibi Champions are similar to Little Legends, with a few key differences. First off, Chibi Champions are purchasable directly from the store for 1900RP. That’s because they don’t come from eggs, they come from—well, we’ll reveal that at a later date. They also won’t join you in ARAM games, because giving an Ekko a Chibi Ekko to echo their movements would be… confusing. Oh, and once you do get one, or all three, you won’t need to spend Star Shards to level them up, cause they’re already stars—aaaaannnd they don’t have 2 or 3-star variants.

The official announcement, despite revealing a lot of information, is still very mysterious. Riot does not reveal how you can get these heroes’ chibi (apart from buying them in the store). They also do not reveal who, other than Ekko, Jinx, and Vi will appear in this version.

As the fun, TFT-y versions of their Runeterran counterparts, Chibi Champions also come packed with personality, sporting some of our coolest dances, taunts, and laughs to date. Jinx and Vi unleash their inner angst on their very own punching bag bot, while Ekko and Jinx perform chibi-fied covers of their favorite songs. And then there’s—eh, I won’t spoil them all, but scope the animations below and let us know what ya think! And who knows, if you love Chibis as much as we do, then there’ll surely be more to come!

What does the community say? Opinions are strongly divided. According to many, the price of the heroes’ chibi is definitely too big, because 1900 RP for something that won’t even be on ARAM (unlike Little Legends) is a big exaggeration. It is possible that the little champions are made in an aesthetic way and have renewed animations, but they are still only a small addition, which, according to fans, is completely unnecessary.

There are many comments on the Internet criticizing both the price and the decision that the chibi heroes will not appear in ARAM.

It’s hard to say more as Riot wants to keep some information a secret. Perhaps chibi heroes will be a collector’s item, which is why their price is so high. It remains to wait for more information.