A huge leak of brand new skins for Yasuo and Lux from LoL in the Furry version

Two new skins for Lux and Yasuo have been released.

One of the leaks showed the community new skins for Yasuo and Lux, which they say come from a new survey from Riot. The players were most interested in the Furry version, i.e. the animal versions of the characters.

In addition to them, the user also revealed a few more versions of other skins, but also for these two characters. How are they presented?

Lux and Yasuo as animals?

While League of Legends has made a lot of weird skins that don’t look like the champion in the slightest, the real Furry hasn’t been added yet. As a result, the community interested in the topic is very excited.

According to Big Bad Bear, the one who leaked the skins, the concepts came from a new survey from Riot. At the moment, however, nothing more is known. Here’s what they look like:

Additionally, he included a few other projects that were also included in the survey:

The author points out that he does not know what stage the works are at and whether the skins will actually be made. Remember that these are only early versions and developers may opt out of them, or at least some of them.