ARAMs have become too one-sided after the update? LoL players say this is a negative change

The ARAMs update in LoL has made most matches very one-sided.

It’s hard to say unequivocally whether the latest refresh of the mode on Howling Abyss is positive or not. Every day there are new opinions that draw attention to other aspects of this update.

One player decided to bring up the fact that the games have started to be one-sided, which makes one of the teams have practically zero chance of a comeback. This state of affairs does not please many people.

Disadvantages of ARAMs updates

The topic of mode on Howling Abyss has been really hot lately. There is a lot of talk about the impact of the update on the state of the game. Players are discussing what characters are strong now, and how they like the changes to towers or bushes, and quite a few people are nitpicking about bugs and the possibility of spoiling the new portals.

Many ARAM fans don’t like the fact that the update has heavily affected gameplay and made games quite one-sided. This causes the often losing team to have no chance to bounce back, and it is already clear in a dozen minutes or so who will win a particular game. Those who liked fierce competition are not happy about this.

ARAM feels a lot more one sided than usual. Is it me or now that hextech gates has been added aram games feels a lot more one sided than usual?

I mainly play aram and like most of the games I played since the aram changes ended up with either team having all their turrets at max hp while the other team gets stomped on the whole game. 

In the comments to the above post, you can read that many Howling Abyss fans have been hit hard by the recent changes, and while there are those who like the new dynamics, quite a few fans lament the current state of the mode.

ARAMs the only mode I enjoy now ever since they removed Dominion and it feels absolutely sh*t to play since this update.

Yeah I’ve noticed a lot less comebacks with the recent changes. It’s the longer death timers and turrets falling which cut of half the map meaning you get choked in.

Hextech gates plus increased death timers ruined the fun on ARAMs for me. All in all, I think there was no reason to change anything, I really liked the mode as it was before.

There are many more such comments. Many dedicated Howling Abyss fans liked the mode’s previous state. The update attracted new players who had previously omitted this type of gameplay, but it also made some people strongly discouraged from playing ARAMs.