A whole new type of cosmetic add-ons will appear in LoL. What is known about it?

In 2023 something completely new will appear in League of Legends. It’s all about profile banners.

Over the past few years, LoL has changed a lot in terms of the personalization of player accounts. Today you can not only choose a specific icon, but also the frame around it, the profile background, achievement icons or arrange the circle of emoticons as you wish.

It turns out that next year – 2023 – another type of cosmetic addition will come to the game, which will help you personalize your profile even more. What is it about and what does the first addition of this type look like?

New profile banners in League of Legends

Information has appeared on the Internet that something has arrived on the PBE test server that has not been seen before – banners that will be able to be set up on a similar basis to icon frames.

The first of these will hit the game in 2023 on the occasion of the Lunar Revel event. It presents itself as follows:

As far as is known, the banner will be part of an event pass, but it is not known on what basis it will be unlocked – perhaps it can be purchased with event tokens, but it is possible that it will appear as a mission reward. No information on the price of such profile additions has also emerged.

The new banners will be set just like titles, frames, or profile icons. They will be found in the “banners” tab, and thematic graphics will replace those seen by players who play ranked games. Players will be able to decide whether they want to show a ranked frame or a completely different one related to an event.

From comments on the Internet, it seems that many people like the new additions very much and are curious to see what the banners associated with other events, such as Star Guardian or Spirit Blossom, will look like. It is possible that such an addition will become a permanent feature of future passes.