A new cinematic from League of Legends? No, it’s a Seraphine smartphone commercial

A commercial featuring one of the League of Legends characters has appeared online.

The fact that game characters from Riot Games advertise various products as part of collaborations between the title’s creators and various brands rather surprises no one anymore. To date, there have really been quite a few such collabs, including with Coca-Cola, Logitech, luxury French fashion house Louis Vuitton, chain stores from around the world, and even a popcorn manufacturer, among others.

The ads that are made in collaboration with Riot are usually of a really high standard, which attracts both fans of the game and people who will notice an aesthetically made campaign promoting a product.

The latest ad that appeared on the Internet featured a very distinctive League of Legends heroine, who at one time caused quite a controversy in the game community. It is about Seraphine.

OPPO commercial featuring Seraphine from League of Legends

A short clip has appeared online featuring Seraphine from LoL. The beginning looks like a cinematic from the game or the beginning of a video promoting the heroine’s new song. However, it quickly turns out that it is an advertisement for an OPPO smartphone.

OPPO is a smartphone brand created by a Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communications company.

The League of Legends heroine is advertising a new model, specifically the Oppo Reno 10 Pro Plus, which was launched relatively recently, a little over a month ago, while sales in China began on June 1.


As you can see, Seraphine is advertising the color version of the smartphone that best suits it. In addition to the color shown in the ad, the phone also comes in a gold edition and a silver edition.