Naafiri – gameplay and skill description of new character in LoL

Naafiri enters League of Legends in patch 13.14, and we’ve learned her full skill description.

It was the destiny of Naafiri, a Darkin with incredible power, to lead her fellows, but her ambitions collapsed in ruins when she was trapped in a blade and locked inside a crypt hidden deep beneath the sands of Shurima.

One fateful day hundreds of years later, Naafiri was freed and bound to a new bearer or rather bearers – the sand ogres.

Naafiri – skill description

She was furious at first, but soon discovered that the collective consciousness of the pack had become an invaluable aid to her plans. Naafiri’s brothers fought alone and suffered defeats, and her strength lies in the unity, loyalty and collective strength of the pack. Now she wants to unite with the rest of the Darkin and unleash the full power of her ogres to tear apart anyone who gets in her way without mercy.

Naafiri’s skills

Passive – We Are More


After a certain amount of time, Naafiri creates a hound that attacks enemies, to whom it deals physical damage that increases after using the skill. Hitting heroes with skills or killing enemies reduces the cooldown of the skill.

Q — Darkin Daggers


Naafiri hurls blades infused with Darkin magic, dealing physical damage and causing bleeding for a few seconds. This ability can be used again. If the hit enemies are already bleeding, it increases the bleeding to the maximum value and deals additional physical damage and physical damage depending on the missing health. If the target is a hero, Naafiri recovers some health. The pack will jump on the first hit target, prioritizing heroes and attacking them for a few seconds.

W — Hounds’ Pursuit


After a short delay, Naafiri jumps to the enemy, dealing physical damage and briefly slowing the target or the first hero it collides with. This ability gains range with successive levels of super-skill. The pack becomes impossibly close to the target and jumps together with Naafiri, dealing damage the higher the number of ogres in the pack.

E — Eviscerate


Naafiri dashes forward and deals physical damage to enemies she passes through, the next one explodes outward, dealing additional physical damage. The pack returns to Naafiri and is fully healed.

R — The Call of the Pack


Naafiri prepares for the hunt by strengthening the pack and increasing its numbers for a short time. Naafiri then gains a boost in movement speed outside of combat and vision, and when she hits an enemy hero for the first time, she gains a shield. The first time she participates in an assassination, the effects of the super-skills renew themselves.

Naafiri gameplay

In addition to a detailed description of the character, a gameplay presentation of League of Legends’ newest hero has emerged. The character will be available on the PBE server starting next Tuesday, while she will arrive on the servers in patch 13.14.