Will being an evil wizard in Hogwarts Legacy come with consequences?

What else is known about being evil in the Hogwarts Legacy?

The series of books and movies that depicted the world of Harry Potter featured gifted wizards not only on the side of good but also on the side of evil. From the moment the first information about probably the most ambitious computer game maintained in this universe appeared, fans wondered whether it would be possible to play differently than the average person who would like to save the world (Will it be possible to be the bad guy in Hogwarts Legacy? All that is known at this point).

It turns out that the developers are sharing additional information to determine what will be associated with performing actions that both in the game world and in the actual world could be considered immoral.

Morality system in the game

With the game’s release just a dozen days away, the developers are sharing more and more information with the community, and some Youtubers have already been granted access to the production. This is making a huge amount of information about Hogwarts Legacy flow to potentially interested fans of the production. Among other things, one could learn from the new videos whether being evil will be punished in some way.

Games in which the player faces a choice of paths depending on what actions they take usually have a morality system that directly determines how good for the game world the player is. What will this look like in Avalanche Software studio’s production?

It turns out that there is no morality system in the game, and evil acts will not be punished in any way. So you can easily take on the role of a villain that the other students inside the walls of Hogwarts will fear. What do the developers add on this subject?

Forbidden spells are not taught in school and the player must decide that he wants to learn them. Besides, he is not forced to use them.

It is also written that the game world will react to the casting of forbidden spells.

Characters will react both visually and audibly when they see a player using a forbidden spell, but we did not introduce a morality system that would punish them for doing so. We felt this would be too judgmental on the part of the developers. Whether a player uses these tools, however, will have consequences in the game world.

Not much is known about how the use of dark magic will affect the world that Hogwarts Legacy players will be able to traverse. There is still some time left until the game’s official release, and the developers may not want to spoil the fun for fans who would prefer to discover everything simply by playing.

At this point, it is known that the player’s actions will not be directly punished by the morality system, but casting forbidden spells will be adequately perceived by the environment, and the game world will remember their use.