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The Hogwarts legacy will be turned into a series. All that is known from the latest leaks

According to some sources, HBO is to work on a series based on the Hogwarts Legacy universe.

Hogwarts Legacy is currently the most popular game of the last month. Already on the very day of its release, it broke viewing records on Twitch, where as many as 1.2 million viewers worldwide could be spotted, allowing the title to occupy the platform’s top 1 for a period of time.

Of course, the entire game focuses on the Harry Potter universe, which hardly needs to be introduced to anyone. Interestingly, even the recent controversy surrounding JK Rowling has not deterred major companies from continuing the series – as sources report that HBO is working on a series centered around Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts LEgacy, but as a series? It’s more than possible

A site called “Giant freakin robot,” which specializes in writing about serial and gaming news has revealed that The Hogwarts Legacy could appear in a serialized version thanks to HBO. The site claims to have its “trusted and verified sources,” but did not reveal specifics. However, looking at the fact that a lot of information from them was true – we can assume that this time it is also that. As the source states:

The series is still in the early phases of development, so few details are available. Presumably, like the game, the Hogwarts Legacy series will be set before either the original Harry Potter novels and even before the Fantastic Beasts spinoffs.

As of yet, no details are known. Until recently, however, there were rumors online about an upcoming Harry Potter reboot – perhaps a series set during Hogwart’s Legacy? Some time ago, Rupert Grint himself, whom we know well in the Harry films as Ron Weasley, expressed interest in returning to the series. Who knows what HBO is planning, but we could certainly hear more about it soon.