Cyberpunk 2077 defeated by Hogwarts Legacy. New Twitch record despite boycotts

Despite much controversy, Hogwarts Legacy managed to break the record for a single-player game.

Yesterday was a very good day for Hogwarts Legacy. Despite many boycott calls, the game managed to break Twitch’s record. It’s hardly surprising, the hype was huge.

The only thing that amuses is the timing of Blizzard, which launched the 3rd season of Overwatch 2 just on the day of the release of Hogwarts Legacy – a thoughtful decision, no question.

Hogwarts Legacy with a new record

The previous record for the number of viewers at one point in time belonged to Cyberpunk 2077. The peak recorded was 1.2 million, although some people reportedly saw 1.3 million. One has to wait until the Twitch traffic tracking sites are updated. As for the record, there is no doubt – the question is by how much Cyberpunk was surpassed.

Of course, this was to be expected. The hype is incredible, and the game is objectively good, despite the unrelenting controversy. A lot of people have spoken about the issue, while it has had little impact on viewership.